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Authorizing Statute

The Bear Valley Water District was duly formed and approved at an election by the voters within its boundaries on July 30, 1968, pursuant to California Water District Law, Division 13 of the Water Code of the State of California.  The enabling statutes are located in Divsion 13, California Water Districts, Water Code §34000 et seq.

The District's Board of Directors adopted updated Bylaws pursuant to Section 35302 of the California Water Code on September 7, 2010. 

Following is a short summary of the various provisions of the code:

  • Water Code Section 35400 - Powers and Functions: A district may acquire, plan, construct, maintain, improve, operate, and keep in repair the necessary works for the production, storage, transmission, and distribution of water for irrigation, domestic, industrial, and municipal purposes, and any drainage or reclamation works connected therewith or incidental thereto.

  • Water Code Section 34500 - Formation: If upon the canvass of the returns it appears that a majority of all the votes cast favor the formation of the district, the board shall by an order entered on its minutes declare the territory formed as a district under the name designated for it and shall issue certificates of election to the persons elected to district offices.

  • Water Code Section 34700 - The term of office of each director elected at a general district election is four years or until his successor qualifies and takes office.


Divsion 13, California Water Districts, Water Code §34000 et seq  


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Resolution 68-39, Order Declaring District Duly Formed  HTML

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