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Rebates and Incentives

The District is currently working to secure grant funding to support a rebate program to encourage customers to consider replacing older toilets and clothes washers that use considerably more water than newer, more efficient models. 

In addition to simply wasting one of our most precious resources by continuing to use older, less efficient units, by investing in low flow appliances you help to reduce the volume of your own wastewater produced which in turn helps the District by reducing the volume the District needs to collect, treat and dispose as well as aids the District in maintaining as much capacity as possible in the wastewater system.

Why should I replace my toilet?

Toilets account for more than 25% of all indoor water use. Toilets manufactured before 1992 use 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush (gpf) or between 17,000 and 34,000 gallons per year. By replacing your 3.5 gpf or greater toilet with a 1.28 gpf High Efficiency Toilet (HET) toilet, a family can save approximately 17,000 gallons per year.

The District recommends purchasing a WaterSense toilet.  WaterSense toilets are third party tested to ensure performance while saving water.

Why should I replace my clothes washer?

Clothes washers account for about 20% of all indoor water use.   How many loads do you do a year?  The average family does 300 loads of laundry.  That’s about 12,000 gallons a year! 

If you wash clothes in hot or warm water, you are also using additional energy.  We recommend purchasing an ENERGYSTAR certified clothes washer.  ENERGYSTAR clothes washers use 20% less energy and 35% less water than less efficient models.  

If you want to save the most energy, look for the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient models.  Now you can save water, energy and money, and get cash back as well.

For more information both incentive programs, please call the District office at 209-753-2112.

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