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Enroll in Auto Pay 

The Auto Bill Pay program allows you to make your utility payment automatically, saving you time and postage expense. Your payment is deducted automatically from your bank account and credited to your utility account. The Program is available to all customers who have checking or savings accounts.

Here is how it works:

You complete and return the Authorization Form, which authorizes the District to charge your bank account for your utility bill payment. Include a voided check if payment will be made from your checking account. Or, if the payment will be made from your savings account, include a pre-printed deposit slip. The District takes care of the rest.

There are no sign up fees and no transaction fees. You must continue to make payments as usual until the Automatic Payment Program has taken effect. You will know the Program is in effect when you see a notation on your utility bill. Your utility bill will show how much is due and when it will be deducted from your bank account.


Electronic Billing Authorization Form   


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