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SB 272 Compliance

Which Enterprise Systems Are Covered by SB 272

The Governor of California approved SB 272 in October 2015, adding section 6270.5 to the California Public Records Act (the "Act," Government Code Sections 6250-6276.48). Section 6270.5 defines an enterprise system as a software application or computer system that collects, stores, exchanges, and analyzes information that the agency uses that is (1) a multi-departmental system or system that contains information collected about the public and (2) a system of record. A system of record means a system that serves as an original source of data within an agency. Stated plainly, SB 272 requires local agencies to create a catalog of multi-departmental systems or systems containing information about the public that store original records and post the catalog on their agency website.

The Bear Valley Water District has complied with the latest amendment to the California Public Records Act (SB 272, 2015), making the following list of enterprise systems (software applications or software) it utilizes publicly available on this web site.

Which Systems Are Excluded

Enterprise systems do not include cybersecurity systems, infrastructure and mechanical control systems, or information that would reveal vulnerabilities to, or otherwise increase the potential for an attack on, a public agency's IT system. Additionally, section 6270.5 does not automatically require disclosure of the specific records that the IT systems collect, store, exchange or analyze. However, the Act's other provisions pertaining to disclosure of such records still apply.

BVWD SB 272 Catalog of Enterprise Systems - Updated January 4, 2024


Intuit - Quickbooks 

Customer Billing and Management System 

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Information on the District’s customers, the premises served, and the water consumption, charges, and payments associated with each service Customer Services Daily Daily

Intuit - Quickbooks

Financial Management System

Financial, procurement, and budgetary records Finance Daily Daily

Intuit - Quickbooks

Human Resources System

Personnel Records, Payroll, Purchasing Human Resources Daily Daily
Microsoft  Exchange  Email System Enterprise Electronic Mail  Operations and Maintenance  Daily  Daily 
Microsoft Outlook


Email and calendars Information Systems Daily Daily
NexGen AMS

Asset Management System

Work orders and infrastructure data Operations and Maintenance Daily Daily
ESRI ArcGIS Geographic Information System Addresses and Sub-Addresses, Business and Land Records, Planning and Environmental Data, Geospatial information about District assets GIS / Planning As Needed As Needed
Microsoft Office Productivity Suite Word Processing, Letters, Spreadsheets, Presentations Productivity Daily Daily
Just Cloud Backup Data Protection System Online, off-site Data Storage and Backup Data Protection Daily Daily
Crash Plan       Backup Data Protection System Online, off-site Data Storage and Backup Data Protection Daily Daily
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