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Discharge and Regulatory Permits

The Bear Valley Water District is subject to numerous environmental regulations designed to protect the waters that sustain our lives, the land we live on and the air we breathe. Compliance with environmental regulations is a fundamental part our mission and the Bear Valley Water District takes pride in its outstanding record of performance.  The Bear Valley Water District is regulated by the State Water Quality Control Board and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board under three separate permits as well as the Federal Clean Water Act.

Clean Water Act

The Bear Valley Water District, along with all wastewater treatment agencies, is regulated by the state and federal government under a strict set of laws generally established under the Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) passed in 1972. Important amendments to the CWA were added in 1977 that further regulate wastewater treatment.

Clean Water Act                 PDF

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Wastewater Discharge Permits

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board regulates the treatment and disposal of wastewater for the District through two different permits.  Order 5-01-208 regulates the treatment and disposal of treated effluent which is applied exclusively to land.  Order R5-2019-0078, under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPES), regulates the treatment and disposal of treated effluent which is dicharged to surface waters, specifically Bloods Creek.

Order No. 5-01-208 PDF

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Order No. R5-2022-0037 PDF

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Collection System Permit

In 2023, the State Water Resources Control Board updated the general order for sanitary sewer systems which applies to all wastewater collections systems with more than 1 mile of collection lines throughout the state. This permit is intended to minimize sanitary sewer overflows (spills) from collection systems through requirements stipulating the proper operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment collection, treatment and disposal facilities. 




Order No. WQ-2022-0103-DWQ  


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