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Wastewater Service Rates and Capacity Charges

The Bear Valley Water District provides wastewater service, including collection, treatment and disposal, to residential and business customers within the District's boundaries.  The District's most recent service rates became effective in 2014 and the capacity charge paid by new connections to the system was revised in 2018. 

Service Rates

Residential Rates

Single family dwellings and condominiums are charged a flat monthly rate and billed quarterly.

Residential (per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)            Monthly              Quarterly

Single family, multi family                                                    $90.37                $271.11

Non-Residential Rates

Users other than residential users shall be charged their actual water usage at a cost per gallon or the commercial minimum monthly charge, whichever is greater. 

Commercial (per gallon)                                                     Current        Minimum Monthly     

Retail/Commericial/Restaurant/Hotel/Resort                  $0.064                    $80.48

Connection and Capacity Charges

Rate Determination and Approval Process

On May 24, 2014, following a public hearing, the current residential and commercial rates were approved by the Board of Directors according to the 1996 "Right to Vote on Taxes Act" (Prop 218).  Documents related to the most recent service fee rate increase are included below.


2014 Prop 218 Rate Proposal Notice


 63 KB

2013 Engineer's Memorandum on BVWD Rate Structure


 87 KB

2013 Engineer's 2013 Rate Study     PDF

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    Capacity Charges

    All applications for new or additional sewer service to the District’s Sewer System shall submit a fully completed written application (“Connection Application”) for each connection requested to the District in the form provided by the District together with payment of the following:

    Application Fee

    Applicants shall pay a nonrefundable application administrative fee of $100.00 for each Residential connection in the Connection Application and $100.00 for each non-Residential connection in the Connection Application to cover the District’s costs of administration of the application.

    Residential and Commercial                                           Per Application

    Application Fee                                                                         $100               

    Connection Fee

    The Applicant shall be responsible for retaining a licensed contractor approved by the District to make the physical connection to the District’s sewer system at the applicant’s expense and shall pay the District a Connection Fee as defined by Government Code Section 66013(b)(5) for the inspection of the physical connection for each connection applied for as follows:

    Residential and Commercial                                          Per Connection

    Connection Fee                                                                         $100 

    Capacity Charges (Buy-In Fee)

    All applicants for new or additional sewer service to the District’s Sewer System shall pay a Capacity Charge as defined by Government Code Section 66013(b)(3) prior to issuance of a permit by the District. The Capacity Charge for each connection for existing and uncommitted sewer capacity shall be as follows:

    Residential                                                                  Per Residential Connection

    Capacity Charge                                                                         $5414 

    Commercial                                                         Per Equivalent Drainage Fixture Unit *

    Capacity Charge                                                               Fixture Load x $5,414 


    * Subject to Article IV, section 2.C, the Capacity Charge for each nonresidential connection permitted by the District shall be proportionately rated to a twenty-four-fixture-unit residence following the Equivalent Drainage Fixture Unit Table in the current edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code.

    The Capacity Charge for each non-residential connection that the District determines may generate a high waste volume or impose high BOD loading shall be established by the Board of Directors and based on the projected flow and BOD load as determined by the District’s Engineer or Manager.

    Rate Determination and Approval Process

    Capacity charges are derived from an analysis of capacity in the District's system (how many equivalent dwelling units (EDUs) the collection, treatment and disposal system can support) along with the total cost of District completed improvements escalated to reflect the impact of inflation on assets over time.  The 1978 Alpine County Master Plan describes the approved projects in the District's service area and provides the basis for the District's capacity projections.


    1978 Alpine County Master Plan


    6.3 MB

    2018 Capacity Charge Engineering Memorandum


    6.0 MB

    2018 District Remaining EDUs Analysis     PDF

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