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Election Process and Calendar of Significant Dates

Pursuant to Water Code ยง35100 et seq, District elections shall be conducted in conformity with the Uniform District Election Law (Part 4 (commencing with Section 10500) of Division 10 of the Elections Code) and any provisions of law generally applicable to districts organized under this division for the election of Directors. The term of office of each director elected at a general district election is four years or until his successor qualifies. Below is summary of the District's election process and the significant dates during an election cycle.   

July 5  (E-125)

DELIVERY OF NOTICE OF ELECTIVE OFFICES TO BE FILLED AND BOUNDARY MAPS.  The district secretary delivers to the county elections official notice that specifies the offices to be filled and indicates whether the district or the candidate is to pay for candidate's statements. The notice must bear the secretary's signature and the district seal. (EC 10509)

District secretary delivers to the county elections official of each affected county a map showing the boundaries of the district and boundaries of divisions within the district, if applicable, and must indicate in which divisions a director is to be elected at large. (EC 10522)

July 10 to August 9 (E-120 to E-90)

PUBLICATION OF NOTICE OF ELECTION.  First and last day for one-time publication of the Notice of Election. If there is no newspaper of general circulation in the district, the elections official of the principal county will publish in the nearest newspaper having general circulation. (EC 12112)

(Please note that the Attorney General of California has given an opinion that Alpine County may post rather than publish since we have no newspaper of general circulation in the County.)

July 17 to August 11 (E-113 to E-88)

DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY, FILING TIME.  NOMINATION PERIOD.  Dates candidates obtain and file their Declarations of Candidacy for special district boards. (EC 10510)

Declarations of Candidacy will be issued by the county elections official or  the district secretary, and must be received in the election official's office by 5:00p.m. on August 11, 2017.  (EC 10510)

Candidates who wish to have a Candidate's Statement of Qualifications included in the voter's pamphlet must file candidate's statements at the time they file the declaration of candidacy. (EC 13307)

No candidate shall withdraw his or her declaration of candidacy after 5:00 p.m. on the 88th day prior to the general district election. (EC 10510)

August 16 (E-83)

EXTENSION OF NOMINATION PERIOD.  If an incumbent officer of a special district does not file a declaration of candidacy by 5:00 p.m. on August 11th, any person, other than the incumbent, may file a declaration of candidacy by 5:00p.m.  on August 16, 2017.  This provision does not apply if there is no incumbent eligible to be elected. (EC 10516)

August 16 (E-83)

INSUFFICIENT CANDIDATES.  APPOINTMENT OF CANDIDATES.  If by 5:00p.m.  on this day: (1) only one person has filed a declaration of candidacy for any elective office to be filled, (2) no one has filed a declaration of candidacy, (3) or an insufficient number of persons has filed to fill the offices; and if a petition signed by 10% of voters has not been submitted requesting that the district election be held, the election official shall certify this fact to the board of supervisors, and a person who has filed a declaration of candidacy shall be appointed at a regular or special meeting held prior to the first Monday before the first Friday in December.  If no one filed, another qualified person shall be appointed and shall take office and serve as if elected. (EC 10515)

August 17 (E-82)

RANDOMIZED ALPHABET DRAWING.  The Registrar of Voters conducts the randomized alphabet drawing at 11:00 a.m. to determine the order in which candidates' names appear on the ballot. (EC 13112(b)(C))

October 23 (E-15)

CLOSE OF VOTER REGISTRATION.  Last day to register or transfer registration for this election. (EC 2107)

October 9 to October 28 (E-29 to E-10)

MAILING BALLOTS AND SAMPLE BALLOT PAMPHLETS.  The combined sample ballot pamphlet and mail ballots shall be mailed between these dates. (EC 4002, 4101, 13300)

November 7

ELECTION DAY.  Ballots must be received by 8:00p.m.  by the elections official.

November 27  

DECLARATION  OF ELECTED CANDIDATES.   Deadline for the county elections official to declare the elected candidates. (EC 10551)

December 1

ASSUMING OFFICE.   Officers declared elected or appointed take office this date at noon after having taken any oath or posted any bond required by the principal act. (EC 10505, 10554)

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