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The Bear Valley Water District has developed a public outreach program to educate the public about water quality issues and water pollution prevention.  The District also believes that public agencies can benefit from employing strategies to generate broad participation and diverse perspectives.  In addition to this web site, the District produces printed and electronic newsletters to provide valuable information to actively engage stakeholders in our collective efforts to change public behavior and protect surface and ground water from pollution sources.

For customers who receive their quarterly invoices by mail, District newsletters are printed and inserted with mailed billing invoices. 

For customers set up with auto-payment who do not receive a mailed paper invoice, we email a digital newsletter. You may sign up to receive our e-newsletter to stay informed. 

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October 2018 Newsletter

Executive Summary: New District Website Showcases Agency's Committment to Transparency; FY 2018-19 Budget Prioritizes Lake Alpine Lift Station Upgrade; Board Votes to Adopt Expanded District Capacity: Analysis Necessitates Revised Capacity Fee; Remeber Oroville ? Division of Safety of Dams New Requirements Include Emergency Action Plan (EAP), Dam Break Analysis and Inundation Mapping; Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG): Disposal Alternatives.

October 2018 Newsletter  PDF

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October 2017 Newsletter

Executive Summary: Regional Board Adopts New 5-Year Permit; Atmospheric Rivers: Lessons Learned and Operational Changes Implemented; Collection System Maintenance: District Purchases First Hydrojetter; Fats, Oil and Grease: Disposal Alternatives; 2017 District Election: Incumbents to be Appointed to New 4-Year Terms of Office.

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April 2015 Newsletter

Executive Summary: Capacity Charges Rolled Back: Board Votes to Issue $80,000 in Refunds for 2007-13 Fees Paid ; Capacity Planning: Expanded Land Use, Townsite Act & Modified Permit Terms comprise Multipronged Approach for more Wastewater Capacity; Permit Compliance: Mixing Zone Study May Provide Dilution Credits and Avert Elusive Compliance Challenges; Investments in Technology: Energy Efficiency Investments Yielding Quick Results; 2015 District Election: Official Declarations of Candidacy for November 2015 Election - July 13 - August 7.

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April 2014 Newsletter

Executive Summary: Capacity Update: Tempering Permit by Permit Expectatations; Rate Restructuring Proposal: Update; Pharmaceuticals and Wastewater: State Legislation Highlights Growing Environmental Impact; Permit & Performance: Nutrient Removal and Water Quality Preservation; BVWD Board Vacancy.

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April 2013 Newsletter

Executive Summary: Bear Valley Water District's Sewer System Management Plan: Communication with Customers; Automating Utility Payments: Announcing eBilling; Historically Dry 2012-13 Winter: Permit Compliance Challenges; NPDES Permit Legal Appeal - Update; New Construction & Additions: Capacity Fees.




April 2013 Newsletter       


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